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Who are we ?

Everything began in a tiny Alquería* at the south site of Valencia (Spain) surrounded by the river Turia, the lake Albufera and the Mediterranean Sea. There my family stablished over generations and thanks to the blessing climate and water they focused their lives to produce citruses. The first record that we have of our family settled in the Alqueria is from this map that dates at 1883. You can read at the top right side corner “A. Aznar”, the Alquería where our trip over more than a century growing citrus began.

Alqueria Aznar map (MonCitric)

Nowadays, with strong tradition, experience, love for our land and our products, the new generation is taking over giving our special touch to our family business. We produce the same oranges and mandarins that have put the region of Valencia in the map as the best well-known area of citrus production. But also we added a new variety or gourmet citruses, where our star is FIGER LIMES or CITRUS CAVIAR.

We hope that you will be part of the unique experience we are offering with our Premium citruses, and we hope you visit us soon.

We invite you to take a look to our products and our blog, where we expect to provide valuable information about how to uses our unique citruses.

All the best!


Alqueria*: from the Arab

1. f. Farm house with land, typical from the East coast of Spain.

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