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Nine uses of finger limes (citrus caviar)

One of the main objectives of the blog of MonCitric is to guide our customers in how to use finger limes (citrus caviar) and other gourmet citruses that we can offer.

Finger limes produced by MonCItric

After a new customer comes back from heaven after seeing and tasting our citrus caviar, then the big question come. How I can use it?

And the answer is quite simple. You can use it as substitution of any citrus, but providing this unique experience that this gourmet product offers, such as the caviar shape, the wide variety of colours that we grown as well as the explosion of lime flavour in your month.

From MonCitric we suggest the following uses:

1. In cocktails to decorate your glasses.

2. To give and additional touch to premium white and sparkling wine or even champagne.

3. With beer if you want to give this extra punch flavour of citrus, it very fits “Corona”.

4. In natural and sparkling water. 5. In desserts and jams. 6. To dress your salads. 7. In sushi.

8. With seafood, specially a couple of bubbles of caviar citrus with normal caviar or oysters.

9. To decorate dishes with different colours of citrus caviar.

Uses of finger lime (MonCitric)

The limit is just where your imagination can take you.

Finger limes ballons (MonCitric)

Now, have you ever tried citrus caviar?, if yes please comment this post help us to make the list of uses of citrus caviar infinite.

All the Best!


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