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Figer limes harvest season

From MonCitric we are very glad to announce that the harvesting season of finger limes (citrus caviar) has started! Finger limes are on the first citruses to be harvested in Spain, and although there are just a few producers, the demand of them is growing very fast.

This year, the weather has been very indulgent with the last rainy period, which has helped us to produce the biggest finger limes so far that we have recorded in our farm. Finger limes are a difficult fruit to collect; they are mainly produced inside of the bush and protected by a million of thorns, so special protection need to be worn.

We have managed to get the ripe ones last weekend about 8 kilos, which is a pretty good start, although it was just a tiny tiny part of the enormous production we have reached this year. But, we just collect them when they have the right size and are ripen on the tree to give to our customers the best experience.

After cleaning them one by one, and letting them to dry under the lovely Spanish sun. They are ready to go.

We hope to have soon feedback from customers.

Are you ready to give it a go? For sure finger limes will be a must in every kitchen in a couple of years. You will see.

All the best!


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