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Citrus caviar in your drink

One of the best uses of Citrus caviar (finger limes) is inside of a drink or cocktail, providing a special touch that will surprise friends, guest and clients.

Pink Finger lime (Moncitric)

The wide variety of cultivars that finger limes has opened a lot of possibilities to be used. From MonCitric we produce nowadays 8 cultivars with different colours (white, green, yellow, pink, pale red, blood red, among others), that will adapt to your necessities.

Just below you can see a video of a gin&tonic prepared with @69brosses, a premium gin from my region. For each drink we used 15 - 20 bubbles of caviar. The flavour is so strong that we don´t want to hide the other flavours. In this case we have used Pink Citrus Caviar, which is slightly sweeter than other cultivars and combines perfectly with the pink gin of 69brosses. Also the touch of rosemary and some flowers made this gin&tonic stunning.​

I hope you like it, and we will be soon with new drinks.

All the best!


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