Making your drink even prettier

November 23, 2016

A cocktail is not just a combination of good products, it is also very important the way your present it. And here is where MonCitric can give you a hand, to make that your drinks are unforgettable.



- Glass/es
- Two bowls
- Water
- Citrus cavair

- Sugar


- Put in one bowl water and in other sugar.
- Place the border of the glass in contact with the water.
- And then into the sugar.
- Before the sugar gets dried, add some bubbles of finger limes at your convenience.



Other options:
- Use spirits or coulorant instead of water
- Use different cultivars of MonCitric to enjoy a full range of colours



We are completely sure that this will be a big succes. Try it with gin&tonics, margaritas and any premium drink.


All the best!



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